Tutorial diorama carro !

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Tutorial diorama carro !

Mensagem  ogro em Sab 21 Dez 2013, 21:10

The sides of the base are cut from the styrene sheets

Styrene strips glued to the main base

Another picture of the styrofoam cutter André Pantarotto

This is a hot wire styrofoam cutter

This is a Plaster Cloth Bandage Roll to be used as a ground base for the terrain

Pieces of Styrofoam were cut and placed as a filling for the base

Plaster bandage is put in water before placing it on the base

Plaster bandage placed it on the base

8 This is brown colored plaster paste (plaster powder + water + white glue + pigment)

Tinted plaster applied over the base This will be the base color and the foundation for the terrain

Some grass applied over the basic terrain (this product is Heki Wild Grass) Dried plants and other few products were also used here

The grass was paint with some shades of green form acrylic paint

Earth color pigments were applied to the terrain and the vegetation received oil colors highlights

diorama base is almost completed here. A pond was made using Vallejo Still Water. Some few steps for detailing will be needed. Please refer to the following pictures to see the construction process until

And this is the finished base with a vehicle and accessories

Um trabalho de : André Pantarotto


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